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Make Love Not War

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INDY505.COM presents Jimmy Nordin
Jimmy Nordin Folk Rock Country music

Dressed up with a Gibson Hummingbird, a Stetson and a Lee Oskar harmonica, Jimmy Nordin delivers his sensible songs about love, pain and life in general. He works in the outskirts of a borderland with the spirits of the great Neil Young and Robert Zimmerman, always having a story to tell.

Jimmy is well showing that he's got the strenght and the talent to carry the timeless legacy of Folk and Americana into a sad and beautiful world.

Below are links to various sites such as Jimmy participated in. Like radio, newspapers, etc.

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Jimmy Nordin Pressphoto
Photo: Tomas Särnstedt

Jimmy Nordin Pressphoto Jimmy Nordin Pressphoto
Photo: Alexander Lindström (Gefle Fotostudio)




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